About Me.

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I have quite a broad reading choice.
I love a good action adventure book or a thriller with an unexpected twist so people like Wilkie Collins, Sebastian Faulks.
I also historical fiction so  Wilbur Smith, Thomas Hardy, Charles Dickens.
Sci fi and fantasy authors i read are Terry Pratchett, Trudi Canavan,Douglas Adams, Iain Banks, Neil Gaiman.  Horror and Thrillers are Le Carre, Stephen King, Robert Ludlum, Tom Clancy andRobert Harris.  But to be fair I will read most things.

But i am now finding myself drawn to just published or using Netgalley books that i can review prior to release.  This has taken me down a route i never expected, it has broadened my reading choices and i have discovered some amazing authors and books. I have found that i love to write reviews, i take notes as i read.  Transferring my thought s onto paper and the screen means i can arrange my thoughts of reading a book as i never have before.  I am loving it!

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