My Review Policy

I will accept the following genres:

Crime / Thriller / Suspense



General Fiction, Dark Fiction, Historical Fiction

Women’s Fiction

Action / Adventure

Children’s Book up to the age of 12 years old, I am more selective on this genre.  This can be discussed at the point of contact.

As well as sub-categories of these genres.


Things I DO NOT accept:

Adult themed



Book Formats:

I prefer physical books, but will accept e-books in Mobi format.

Review Time:

I am currently booked up for the next 4 months.

Posting my Review:

I review all books I read, and post on:- This WordPress blog site,Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

About My Reviews:

I review all the books I read, the review will always be based on my honest opinion, and be unbiased.  If I accept a book to review, I accept only that book and not all the books you have written.  If I wish to read more of you books I will make a request to you.

I use the Amazon and Goodreads rating system when reviewing on those sites, and have stopped adding a rating to my WordPress site, as I do not think it is necessary on here.  I will post a review of 3* and above, if I cannot rate a minimum of three stars I will get in touch with you via email and explain my reasons why.  It is not my wish to leave a negative review.  A 3* would be constructive pointing out what didn’t “fit” for myself, but why I think it would be a good choice for readers of …

Other Options:

I also include Guest Posts and Giveaways.

Guest Posts:  Will only be considered if the book falls under my accepted genres.  I ask that the post be unique and relevant. I am open to discussion regarding the theme of the post.  But my main criteria is that it be an original post.

Giveaways:  these are run via Rafflecopter. Again the book must fall under my accepted genres section.  All entrants will be required to follow your twitter site, as well as my own, to visit your website and or Facebook.   Winner details will be sent via email to the author / publisher for them to post direct to the winner.  The winner will also be asked to take a picture and post to twitter tagging both myself and also the author / publisher, though not essential or guaranteed.

To get get in touch with me if you require further information. Fill in the contact form.