My Review Policy

I will accept the following genres:

Crime / Thriller / Suspense



General Fiction

Dark Fiction

Historical Fiction

Women’s Fiction

Action / Adventure

As well as sub-categories of these genres.


Things I DO NOT accept:

Adult themed



Book Formats:

I prefer physical books, but will accept e-books in Mobi format.

Review Time:

I am currently running at 6 weeks.  I aim to review within 2 months.

Posting my Review:

I review all books I read, and post on:-

Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and here.

About My Reviews:

I review all the books I read, the review will always be based on my honest opinion, and be unbiased.  If I accept a book to review, I accept only that book and not all the books you have written.  If I wish to read more of you books I will make a request to you.

To get get in touch with me if you require further information. Fill in the contact form (see tab at top of page).